CBD Chocolates

As the CBD edibles trend sky rockets, many are running out of luster with the basic gummies. At Green Creek CBD we are always looking for a way to add some flare to your CBD intake. Today we will be sharing a very simple, yet fun, way to experience your CBD, USING CHOCOLATE!!

Green Creek CBD chocolate Bars! So here is what you will need; Green Creek CBD's Full Spectrum Tincture, a microwave safe bowl or a double boiler, a silicone mold or an ice cube tray, your basic utensils like a spoon for mixing, and of course your desired chocolate!

For this recipe:

-50mg Green Creek CBD tincture (One full dropper of our 1500mg tincture).

-1 Chocolate bar. We are using one Hershey chocolate bar for this recipe.(Dark, Milk, or whatever your heart desires)

1. Start by cutting your chocolate bar into small sections and place the chocolate inside your microwave safe bowl. If you plan on adding any complimentary products like peanuts, you can also add them into the bowl. 

2. Then place your bowl into the microwave and set for a few minutes. You need to pay attention to the chocolate as it melts, as you do not want to burn the chocolate.

3. When you have reached the melted state, take your Green Creek CBD tincture and add in the desired MG (milligram) dosage. For this recipe we will be using a standard of 50mg. 

4. Stir the chocolate and the CBD thoroughly.

5. Take your CBD chocolate and then begin to slowly distribute the chocolate into the mold. You want to be careful and mindful when pouring so that the end result is accurate to the your desired dosing.

6. Place the mold in a safe place as the chocolate begins to cool. When the chocolate has cooled down, you can also place the mold into the freezer for a faster cure time. 

7. When your fresh CBD chocolate is finished, take a piece and enjoythe fruits of your labor!! Enjoy!

*Please note that you can be as creative as you would like with the recipe. If you desire a higher amount of CBD please feel free. If you want sprinkles or coconut, please do that as well. This is designed to bring the creative side out of you!*