Clinical Uses

For those who are more educated and inclined to cannabinoids, we understand the works of the ECS (Endocannabinoid System). The ECS influences a wide variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain sensation, mood and memory, and in tempering cannabis’ psychoactive impact. 

As the cannabinoid market and industry continues to grow along side science, we are beginning to understand that certain cannabinoids can render specific effects. With this knowledge we can begin better assessing specific products for certain uses. 

As a company we understand that we cannot begin to make medical claims, but we greatly encourage consumers to continue their research, looking at medical and scientific studies that can better divulge on these topics. While you continue to research, we have found a chart that can help with better understanding specific products and their cannabinoid make up to help you in your day to day life. 

At Green Creek, we strive to educate, inform, and provide high quality products that can be utilized for an overall better quality of life. It is our mission that consumers can leverage this information to make better judgments on the products that they choose to consume. Below you can observe ailments and how certain cannabinoids can help to achieve your specific goals from the use of cannabinoid therapy. 

CBD Uses - Clinical Applications