Huny-B Mean Wintergreen Rub--2000 mg CBD

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Our CBD Mean Wintergreen Rub is named as such because it is unforgiving. The Menthol crystals, combined with Arnica and Cottonwood Bud create a feeling of burning relief. We added essential oils designed to help with nerve pain, neuropathy, sciatica, swelling, inflammation and more of the major pains.. These oils were put together to attain a synergistic or additive effect. We believe it is the best pain reducing recipe we have come up with; but some of our customers still prefer the Heat Rub. Plus, by using these Essential Oil combo it also Anti fungal, Antibacterial Antiviral.  You can also check out our Educate Yourself™

USA Grown
Lab Tested
< 0.3% THC
GMO Free